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AppearByPhone™ enables Remote Appearances Into The Court, by phone and video, for attorneys and judges. We provide reliable and consistent service without disruption to the court.
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Our Service

AppearByPhone™ is a service that enables remote telephonic or video appearances into the court for attorneys and judges alike. Our services can save you precious dollars in fees, and help to reduce motor traffic in major cities while enabling courts to clear their dockets faster.

The service was originally created in 1991 for one court specifically, and has since slowly increased in its popularity over the years. Our service allows attorneys to appear in court without being physically there for routine, non-evidentiary, pre- trial appearances without disrupting the business of the court.

There is no cost to the court, but for a small fee we save you the trouble of traveling to the court for a single appearance while saving thousands of dollars for your clients. Our staff and executives are well trained and have been providing innovative services within the industry since 1986.


Why Us

AppearByPhone™ offers dedicated operator-assisted calls or automated calls for all sessions. Every call is important to us, and we show it by providing reliable, consistent service. We send faxed or emailed confirmations and follow-ups for all of our calls. Our trained operators can reach you so that you don’t have to dial us.

However, if you would prefer to call us, we provide this option as well. Whether you need to appear telephonically in the court for family matters, juvenile bankruptcy, litigation, civil court, or state court we can help you.

We are here to support judges, attorneys, and court staff; give us a call to learn more about what we are doing and how our state of the art technology can help courts with keeping the dockets moving.

How Does It Work

When you are scheduled to appear telephonically or by video to the court, simply ask for AppearByPhone™ approval from the Presiding Judge or court clerk. Your approval is determined by the Judge. Once you are approved, simply call us at 800-778-6338, provide us the details for the appearance, and we do the rest! Or you can visit our online reservation page for scheduling an appearance.

Get approval from the Judge - You call us  - Give us details to our operator – pay the fees – we do the rest.


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