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AppearByPhone Time Saving ArticleDesigned specifically to simplify the process of appearing in court for attorneys and clients alike, AppearByPhone™ is a fantastic service. It saves time in every way possible. Instead of using an entire day to travel to the courthouse, wait around, make an appearance, and travel home, with AppearByPhone™ one can accomplish it all with one phone call. With this service, the attorney and/or client can call in, and with the help of an operator be connected directly to a judge. No travel time, practically no wait time, and can be done without even leaving the comfort of your office. This allows the opportunity to fit more than one court appearance into a day, greatly increasing productivity.The service is extremely simple. Have the option to call in or be called, speak briefly with the operator, and get connected seamlessly to the judge. You will no longer have to sit in a courthouse waiting when you could be in your office getting work done. As an attorney, your clients will be much happier since you will be saving them money, and you will also be getting significantly more work done thanks to the fact that you never even had to leave the office! Setting up an appointment and paying for the service is quite simple as well. Appointments can be made online or over the phone, and payment can be processed via credit card or invoice. Overall, AppearByPhone™ is a great service, and definitely worthwhile.

Jacob Mummery

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