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Dealing with traffic, delays, and unforeseen inconveniences can turn a short hearing in the morning into an all day affair of traveling and wasted time.
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Simple and Easy

You are the most important client to us. This service is designed in making your life simple and easy.

You no longer need to go to the court for non-evidentiary appearances. Simply request for a telephonic appearance from the Presiding Judge and we do the rest. Gone are the days where you spend your time ineffectively waiting at the expense of your client. Now you can use the same time and energy in doing your research for helping your client.

All of our products are designed with you in mind. If you would like to request a change or want to tell us what you need, please provide us with your feedback and we will try to accommodate all reasonable requests.


Your options to appear in court are:

AppearByPhone™ or AppearByVideo

For either service, you need to be pre-approved the Presiding Judge. For telephonic appearances, you simply need to be at your desk using your office phone. For video appearances, you will need to use either the Chrome or Firefox web browser with a webcam, SIP, or H.323 legacy device.

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Our fees vary depending on the state, court, and the judge. Please contact us to discuss the rates in your state.

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