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Through our years of service to bankruptcy courts around the United States, AppearByPhone and AppearByVideo have become well acquainted with the needs of Judges, bankruptcy trustees, attorneys, and their clients. We understand that bankruptcy is a difficult and sensitive process, and all parties want the matter to be resolved efficiently.

For these reasons, AppearByPhone and AppearByVideo offer our services at a predictable, flat rate for bankruptcy trustees, attorneys, and their clients. Specifically, AppearByPhone and AppearByVideo charge $49 for each remote appearance, regardless if it is via video or telephone. The parties may speak for as long as they wish, as there is neither a time limit nor exorbitant fees if the parties exceed a certain time. Our services and equipment (if needed) are complimentary to the court and Judges. All of our services feature continued presence, thus exhibiting picture-in-picture technology.

We welcome the opportunity and privilege to become a further resource to Judges, attorneys, and clients. For those who may require internal videoconferences between offices, chambers, or ad hoc trustee meetings, simply subscribe to our unlimited use, monthly flat fee programs. Our video conferencing is a standards-based product, which can support the latest WebRTC (browser supported video conferencing), H.323, legacy equipment, and SIP endpoints.

Please contact us to setup a complimentary 30-day trial account.

If there are any questions, please contact us at or call us at 1-800-778-6338.