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Court officials are always looking for effective, cost-efficient, services to boost productivity and clear the courts’ docket faster while keeping professionalism and integrity for the public intact.
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AppearByPhone™ is a service to be used by attorneys to telephonically appear in courts voluntarily without any expense or burden to the courts. In fact, our process can enhance the courts to speed up the dockets by saving time and precious dollars. We understand courts are overburdened and cash strapped. Our service can help you in the process by providing all the necessary equipment to the courts for free.

You may or may not have DSP powered HD speaker phones and/or video conferencing equipment. That is no issue, we can ship/install all necessary equipment needed for you to enter the new world of innovative telephonic appearances.

Here are the following services which may be of interest. We can re-program any portion of the service or customize to fit your needs.

1. Court Conference Call – from

We connect one line to the court PA system or your court speakerphone, then bring in all the participants on the conference bridge, and keep them muted simulating a public courtroom. Our operators will manage callers online in a fully managed network. Typical uses include public courtrooms such as traffic, civil, criminal, family, juvenile, probate courts, unemployment, admin law cases, arbitration, PSC, PUC, FCC, SEC, HHS, FDIC, etc.. This service has no fees for the Court Admin, government authority, or Judge. Users who wish to appear telephonically will simply pay a small fee per call regardless of the length of the call.

All participants dial-in and wait for their turn while the court clerk calls the case numbers. Each time the clerk calls out a case number, the AppearByPhone™ operator will unmute the corresponding caller. Once the caller is done with their business, they may be disconnected.

This system works well if you would like to schedule all telephonic appearances in a single day. We provide you the phone equipment at no cost to the court.

2. AppearByPhone™

Based upon your approval, we connect each case or docket one at a time and present them to you over to your chambers or in the courtroom. For this version of telephonic appearances, you will only hear from one case or docket at a time. No one is muted and waiting to conduct their business with the court. Attorneys pay a small fee per call for telephonic appearances. NO FEES TO THE COURTS.

3. AppearByVideo 

Video conferencing is the latest trend in the court business. With video you can see the facial expressions of all the participants appearing. We will provide you the necessary equipment needed to enable your court to conduct video appearances. Our video conference bridging resides in the cloud which gives you liberty from technological obsolescence. For participants, they simply need a Chrome Web browser, webcam, and internet access to participate in video appearances. Our service supports a wide variety of video equipment including legacy H.323 or SIP. Our fees for video conference bridging are similar to AppearByPhone™ as there are no fees to the court.

4. For Court Clerks

Here are frequently asked questions regarding the AppearByPhone™ services listed on this page.

1. What if the court does not have a speakerphone for telephonic appearances?

We will ship a speakerphone overnight to your courthouse.

2. What if the court does not have a phone line in the courtroom?

We will help to have a line installed so that the court can conduct remote telephonic appearances.

3. What if the court does not have adequate video equipment?

We will help to ship the necessary video camera and equipment to the courthouse.

4. Is there any way for the courthouse to increase revenue?

AppearByPhone™ does work with courts to increase revenue. We have previously worked with courts in regards to this matter. For more information about how your court can increase revenue by utilizing services provided by AppearByPhone™, please contact our senior account manager by calling 212-200-2030 or email

5. Does AppearByPhone™ accept fee waivers?

Yes, we accept fee waivers for users who are unable to afford the service. We will honor the Judge’s rule to waiver a fee.

6. Can AppearByPhone™ be used for unemployment, EPA, and arbitration hearings?

Yes, we will provide our services for these types of hearings.

7. What is the max number of participants that can be on a single call?

AppearByPhone™ can support up to 1,152 participants per call. If your remote telephonic appearance requires more than this amount of callers, we can increase the maximum number of participants per call to 25,000 participants; however, this increase is subject to availability and reservation restraints.

If your court has a specific need or requirement we can accommodate the same. Simply give us a call 800-778-6338 or email us