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Phone and Video Etiquette

Appearing by video or phone for a court appearance is a privilege granted by the Judge. The Judge has the absolute authority to determine whether or not he/she will allow the parties to appear remotely. Please keep in mind that a Judge’s decision, to allow or deny your request for a remote appearance by phone or video, may be dictated by previous experiences.

With this in mind, AppearByPhone and AppearByVideo have provided basic rules of etiquette for phone and video appearances.

1. Treat the remote appearance as if you are appearing before the Judge in person.

A. If by video, make sure to dress in court appropriate attire.

B. Be ready for your appearance, whether by telephone or video, 10 minutes before the hearing is scheduled to commence.

C. Silence your cell phone and other electronic devices.

2. Be respectful of the court and wait your turn to speak.

A. Although you are appearing remotely, there may still be a court reporter in the Judge’s chambers or courtroom. Utilizing AppearByPhone, you will need to announce your name every time before you speak, so the court reporter can accurately transcribe what you are saying.

B. Allow other parties to finish their thoughts and statements before making your response.

3. Do not be afraid to speak with the operator if there is an issue.

A. AppearByPhone prides itself on every call being operator managed. Our operators are professionally trained and available to aid all parties during the hearing. If there is an issue, please make our operator aware at your earliest convenience.

B. If you require that the operator perform a certain task, like adding an additional party to the line, please provide the operator with the party’s contact information as soon as possible.