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AppearByPhone and AppearByVideo are designed to be a resource to law professionals. Let us worry about the logistics of the court appearance while you focus on other priorities.
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Traveling and attending various court appearances are the realities of an attorney's professional life. Between the time spent in traffic, parking, and numerous inevitable courthouse delays, a short 10-minute hearing results in you not being in the office for the morning or even a full day. This translates into lost productivity, inefficiency, and mounting bills.

AppearByPhone™ Service
AppearByPhone™ provides a valuable service of remote telephonic appearances so that attorneys can work and bill his or her full rate up until a few minutes before a hearing. Attorneys using telephonic appearance services provided by AppearByPhone™ can also return to work immediately after the hearing without any wasted time being stuck in traffic or waiting due to other delays.

This perfect scenario for hard-working attorney can boost productivity and maximize billable hours. The associated fee for AppearByPhone™ services varies based on the exact court that the attorney is appearing remotely before. Frequently, this fee is less than the cost to fill up one tank of gas! You can continue to work in your office until a professionally trained operator calls your selected phone number alerting you that the Judge is ready. Quite simply, AppearByPhone™ does the waiting for you.

AppearByVideo Service
AppearByVideo is a video appearance service that allows attorneys and judges to perform courtroom duties remotely while imitating closely the natural feel of being present in the courthouse. Facial expressions, body language, and physical cues can be seen through the real-time, high-definition video, and help to connect all of the hearing participants to a seamless video conference courtroom.

Instead of traveling, waiting, being delayed, and wasting valuable billable hours, attorneys that utilize AppearByVideo can connect to the court hearing moments before the allotted time. And once the hearing is over, the attorney can promptly disconnect and continue working instantly. The power and high-definition of our video conferencing services allows this remotely accessed video conference court appearance to feel as if you were sitting in the courtroom.



Courthouses are constantly contesting with crowded dockets, delays, and overcrowded courtrooms. Judges, clerks, deputies, and court administrators are constantly looking for effective and cost-efficient ways to clear dockets faster, reduce delays, and curb overcrowding in the courtrooms. Participating in remote telephonic and video court appearances can help courthouses to do just this.

AppearByPhone™ Services
AppearByPhone™ was created in 1991, at the request of a Court. Our focus originated, and still remains, to offer an easy to use service while alleviating Court congestion and providing better management of a court’s extremely busy docket. The technology is extremely successful, and AppearByPhone™ has spread its remote appearance services to Courts around the country.

We understand that Court clerks and deputies are extremely busy maintaining the courts’ dockets, and therefore we do not require any training to use telephonic appearance services provided by AppearByPhone™. In fact, our success can be attributed to our professionally trained operators and our proprietary technology. Our operators ensure that all participants are present for the remote appearance before the Judge is brought into the appearance, and after the Judge is connected the operator will continue to manage the call to conclusion.

AppearByVideo Services
AppearByVideo was created in response to the incredible success of AppearByPhone™. Similar to AppearByPhone™, AppearByVideo remains focused on providing an easy to use service while helping to alleviate court congestion. In light of its notable success and reliability, AppearByVideo has spread its remote video appearance service to courts around the country.

Services provided by AppearByVideo, similar AppearByPhone™ services, do not require any training to use. The Judge and all other respective participants simply log into the secure AppearByVido website, provide their user information, and are instantly connect to the other participants. AppearByVideo offers its remote video appearance services completely free to all courts. There are no catches, contingencies, or strings attached. Even Judge-to-Judge video communication will not incur any charges. If the court does not have the necessary video equipment in the courtroom, then AppearByVideo will provide the high-definition video equipment for free.